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Wakenet Europe

Welcome to Wakenet Europe and this website run by EUROCONTROL. Here you will be able to find news about events, ongoing research and operational air traffic control concepts concerning wake vortex issues. The website is under construction and will gradually introduce new features and documents.

WakeNet3-Europe accepted for EC funding

The continuation of Wakenet Europe will be EC-funded for the years 2008-2010.

In the last decade, activities on wake vortex have progressed from physical understanding to development of operational concepts and rulemaking. WakeNet3-Europe will be the forum for the necessary dialogue between researchers and operational users, in order to get scientifically founded agreement among stakeholders to support concept implementation, and to help making new technologies, e.g. advisory systems, usable for wake vortex purposes. The European Commission has now accepted the Coordination Action project proposal WakeNet3-Europe for FP7 funding. It is a follow-on of the previous Thematic Networks on Wake Vortex, WakeNet and WakeNet2-Europe, which were also EC-funded, and the current EUROCONTROL-funded WakeNet-Europe.

The WakeNet3-Europe consortium comprises thirteen active partners from various stakeholder groups, namely aircraft and equipment industry, research establishments and universities, air traffic control, a pilots’ organisation and EUROCONTROL, under the coordination of Airbus Deutschland. Most of them were already active in the previous network projects.

WakeNet3-Europe is planned to start at the beginning of 2008. It will provide annual workshops open to the whole Wake Vortex community, as well as focused Task Groups. WakeNet3-Europe will also liaise with local stakeholder groups, professional groups, and with US and other non-EU projects and activities. The objective is the provision of recommendations for future research and implementation projects.

For more information contact: Thomas Rötger, Airbus Deutschland, e-mail:



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