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Wakenet Europe Workshop 2007 agenda

Contains all the information related to the Wakenet Europe Workshop 2007 at EUROCONTROL headquarters in Haren, Brussels.

When: 2007-02-05 12:00 to 2007-02-07 13:00

5 February 13.00 - 7 february 13.00

Wake Vortex Concepts of Operation Implementation-What are the research and validation needs?

More than 85 attendees visited this workshop arranged and hosted by EUROCONTROL. It is the first Wake Vortex workshop since the WakeNet Europe-2 ended in 2006. The main objective of the workshop is to further focus on operational implementation and also to obtain input from all stakeholders on the proposed concepts of operation. Former partners and members of Wakenet Europe as well as newcomers and especially representatives of the operational stakeholders such as Airlines, Pilots, ANSP's, Controllers and Airports where all attending.

Brussels general information:


            Day 1             5 February
13.00RegistrationMeeting room Europa
13.30Welcome Paul Wilson, EUROCONTROL Head of Airport Operations & Environment
13.45KeynoteGuido Kerkhofs, EUROCONTROL Director ATM programmes
 14.00Session 1 Concepts of operationModerator: Markus Kreher and Uwe Kroeger, DLH and IFALPA

Closely spaced parallel runways

Jean Jézéquel , DGAC/DSNA 

  Status of Wake Administration Initiatives for CSPRs in US

Steve Lang, FAA

  U.S. Parallel Runway Crosswind Dependent Wake Separation Reduction Research Prototype UpdateSteve Darr, NASA
16.00Crosswind departuresAndy Harvey, EUROCONTROL
16.45Time based spacingCharles Morris, NATS
17.30Session 2 Stakeholders expectations on WakenetFacilitated session
As It Was Heard Report
18.30Cocktail reception in the lobby Courtesy of EUROCONTROL


Day 2                6 February

Session 3 Stakeholders input to concepts of operation

Facilitated working session
As It Was Heard report
 Coffee will be served in the lobby during the session 
12.00LUNCHBUFFETIn the lobby offered by EUROCONTROL
13.30Session 4 Airbus 380 safety assessmentModerator Paul Wilson
Geza Schrauf & Gordon Hoehne, Airbus
15.30Session 5 Monitoring safetyModerator Steven Lang, FAA
  Pilot and controller incident reportingJeff Tittsworth, FAA
  Benefits of a Voluntary Reporting SchemeClaire Pugh, NATS
  Experience of Wake Sensors - Pulsed Lidar in Particular Frank Wang, VOLPE
  Wake vortex detection by radarFrédéric Barbaresco, Thales
  LIDAR Deployment in EuropeVincent Trève, EUROCONTROL
18.00Cocktail reception in the lobbyCourtesy of EUROCONTROL

                       Day 3                 7 February 
08.30Session 6 Future solutions Moderator, Grégoire Winckelmans, UCL


Thomas Leweke, IRPHE

 09.00 FLYSAFEHervé Barny, Thales and Andreas Reinke, Airbus
10.00Session 6 continuation,  
 AWIATORAnton de Bruin NLR 
10.30Wake-Vortex Prediction and Monitoring System - Design and Performance at Frankfurt Airport"
Frank Holzaepfel, DLR
10.50Russian wake vortex flight safety system: Today and tomorrowAndrey Belotserkovskiy
11.15Results from the Stakeholder sessionsAnna Wennerberg
12.00Closing speech Jean-Luc Marchand, European Commission

Information about EUROCONTROL Brussels, such as transportation and accommodation can be found on 

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